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    New Progress achieved by the Institute of Microelectronics in terms of Organic Electronic Devices   [2009-07-09] 
    The New Progress achieved by the Institute of Microelectronics in the Field of Nanocrystals Floating Gate Memory   [2009-07-09] 
    The Latest Research Achievement on Resistive Random Access Memory by the Institute of Microelectronics was accepted by ESSDER Conference   [2009-07-09] 
    Doctor Wang Bin was Invited for an Academic Exchange in our Institute   [2009-07-09] 
    Professor Xu Hongqi, Lund University, Sweden, Visits the Institute of Microelectronics, China Academy of Sciences   [2009-07-09] 
    Doctor Ko-Min Chang, General Manger of Memory Department, Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Visits the Institute of Microelectronics, China Academy of Sciences   [2009-07-09] 
    A 1053pin FCBGA package has passed test from EDA Center of CAS [2009-05-22] 
    Our Institute Accomplishes the Development of Next Generation High-performance GPS Satellite Navigation Baseband Processor Algorithm and Prototype [2009-04-16] 
    Institute of Microelectronics Awarded the Second Prize of National S&T Progress [2009-04-16] 
    InP HBT Team, Microwave Devices and Integrated Circuits Research Department (Dept. Four) Successfully Developed 40GHz Static Frequency Divider [2008-12-18] 
    Our Institute InP DHBT Cutoff Frequency Hits Domestic New Peak Again [2008-11-27] 
    China's first ZnO nanorod field-effect transistor fabricated in IMECAS [2008-11-24] 
    Doctor Ward Plummer, Academician, U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Visits the Institute of Microelectronics, China Academy of Sciences [2008-11-25] 
    A break through in front-end key °™°™chip development of RF CMOS UWB [2008-08-07] 
    A success in developing an InGaAs/InP double heterojunction bipolar transistor used in 3 mm waveband [2008-08-07] 
    High performance Ku band power amplifier module fabricated [2008-06-19] 
    A new break through in microwave power amplifier module study [2008-06-19] 
    The latest progress of study on resistive switching memory device reported [2008-06-19] 
    In cooperation with Local Governments, a innovative first [2008-06-19] 
    IMECAS developed 5000 Line/mm X-ray transmission gratings, and its application was successfully realized [2008-06-19] 
     "Potable digital television chip DTV101" project, a key project of IMECAS in cooperation with industry, passed its tape out and testing [2008-06-19] 
    A cooperative project of IMECAS was rewarded second class of the National Invention Awards£¨and then after won award from CAS [2008-06-19] 
    A break through in study of new interconnection for high performance system integrated module [2008-06-19] 
    The first inland 256bits molecule memory was developed successfully in IMECAS [2008-06-19] 
    Project of hard IP module of anti-static (ESD) [2008-06-19] 
    °∂Nature Photonics °∑ introduced a latest research achievement of IMECAS°™a novel photoelectric detector£®EVPD£©designed for optical interconnect of chips [2008-06-19] 
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